School Activities

Cultural Program

Studies have shown that exposure to arts and cultural programs stimulates young people’s minds and are an excellent way of building inclusive societies, promoting personal growth, and bridging social divides cultural programs also motivates the following.

      • Art and cultural activities such as theater, poetry, dance, and music that promote self-esteem, creativity, and social skills
      • Dramatic arts programs as a vehicle for self-expression and action
      • Visual arts to enhance understanding of social issues and human rights

Drama Club

Drama is about life. A school that seeks to educate the whole child as preparation for life wants to help foster involved, disciplined, highly creative and innovative learners. The way to achieve this kind of education is to ensure a balance that includes an active arts culture and arts education programme in the school. Drama can play a critical role in an arts educationprogramme.

Public Speaking

This is a form of active learning, where students work either collaboratively or independently to research

an issue and debate it in class. schools and colleges take this further through classes in argumentation and communication that allow students to improve their skills in oral communication, argumentation or rhetoric. It also helps young people in practising speech and communication skills as well as reading and writing;


The Eisteddfod is an entertainment,and it is an educational experience.

Leadership Development | (New ACROPOLIS)

Leadership development focuses on the development of the learners, such as the personal attributes desired in a leader, desired ways of behaving, ways of thinking or feeling. In contrast, leadership development focuses on the development of leadership as a process.

This will include the interpersonal relationships, social influence process, and the team dynamics between the leader and his/her team at the dyad level, the contextual factors surrounding the team such as the perception of the organizational climate and the social network linkages between the team and other groups .